What exactly do u do as an AVON representative?

Like what do you do as an avon representative? Do you go door to door or invite your friends and family to buy the stuff? What is it exactly that you do????

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  • 9 years ago
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    Yes you give out the catalogues around your area, then when you go to get them back (if they don't want anything) you take their orders. If they do want something you put in the order for them and remember to revisit in a month in case they want anything else.

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    9 years ago

    To answer your questions, here goes:

    In the beginning I didn't go door to door, I showed all of my friends and family the brochure to receive orders and then I asked friends and family to show the brochures to their friends and family, and so on and so on. As time went on and I began looking for more customers, I then left brochures throughout my neighborhood and eventually branched out to other neighborhoods. However, because Avon provides you with a free website, anyone in the US can order from your site so make sure that you are sharing your site to all of your online friends & family.

    Here's a little more info for you if you are looking into becoming an Avon representative:

    I am a full time college student, and married mother of three children, if I could do this so can you. The cost to join Avon is only $20, unlike MaryKay and some of direct sales companies you do not have to have parties or buy products up front and there is no sales quota. This is your business so you set the hours which work best for you! Avon allows you to order products at no cost to you upfront until after you have collected the money from your customers. I have also had the privilege to be featured as one of Avon's successful representatives this past year, my story can be found on under profile info.

    After three years with Avon, I can honestly say that I have been able to earn $700 every two weeks. This is not to say that the money comes easy, it takes alot of work in the beginning to earn this over time but you do have to be consistent and work towards your business on a daily basis. I have a team of more than 250 reps throughout the United States on my team and have been able to reach the 2nd highest level in Avon so far so anything is possible!

    There are two ways to earn with Avon. You can earn money by becoming a high seller or like me where I help other people start their Avon businesses in addition to selling, the choice is yours.

    I hope I was able to provide you with some insight but if you happen to have any other questions please feel free to contact me directly.

    Not sure if you are aware you can now sign yourself up online to become a representative and that information can be found on my profile page. :D

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