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12 question about SMtown Korea?

I'm about to audition for

SM weekly audition.But

before that i want to

know more about

SM.Here are my question

1-How does weekly

audition look like? (like

what will happen,what

they ask to


auditioner etc)

2-Between Global

audition and weekly

audition,which is better

and easier to pass?

3-I can dance greatly like


and robot.I can also sing

and rap in korean clearly

(i'm foreigner but

asian).Is there any other

obstacle that can prevent

me from joining sm?

4-Let say if i post my

video on April and they

respond on the same

month and asking me to

go to korea,can i post-

pon it to other few 6 or

7 month?

5-If they 100% satisfied

with me and want me to

join sm,will they pay my

trip to korea?

6-Let say if i'm not

satisfied with sm during

my trainee life (even that

i'm improving),can i

change to be trainee in

other company like yg?

and will sm let me off

without paying?

7-If i debut in SM and my

contracts end at my

young age (22 or 23 like

that),can i continue my

contract with yg?

8-what should i include

in my audition mail?

9-Is there any case that

SM just take someone be

their trainee just by

watching their video

without asking for 2nd

round audition?

10-Is it better to be in SM

or YG?(coz i heard that

yg give u more profite)

11-can i debut as solo in


12-any other info about

sm weekly audition?

13-where can i contact

any trainee under SM

(there's a lot of thing

that i wanna ask)

To those who

answering,I appreciate

you so much.I'll sign an

autograph for you once i



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    1) I'm sure most are carried out this way: You walk in, fill out an application, hand it to the staff at the application desk, he/she hands you a number, and then you sit in the waiting room. You, as well as 9 other people's numbers, will be called and you walk into the audition room. You all line up and sit against a wall and every one auditions one by one behind a line of tape while 2-3 judges watch you and a cameraman films you. After everyone is done auditioning, they do the rhythm test, or in other words, they play a random song (from what I've heard, usually Disturbia by Rihanna, Lose My Breath by Destiny's Child or Low by T-Pain) and you have the choice to either dance along or clap to the beat (dancing will raise your chances). After that, you and your group leave the room and they call you 1-2 weeks later if you've passed. I'm pretty sure both the weekly and global auditions are carried out in the same fashion, except they take more time to evaluate you during the weekly auditions opposed to the global auditions, where they seem to rush everybody because of the amount of people.

    2) I would recommend the weekly audition because there won't be as many people, and they would, again, take more time to evaluate you and actually pay attention to you when you audition.

    3) Nope, not that I know of.

    4) Yeah, I'm pretty sure you can ask them if you can reschedule the date.

    5) Well, they usually don't invest money into someone until they have signed the contract to become a trainee. But I'm guessing if they're "100% satisfied" with you, then possibly.

    6) You can switch to another company, you'll just have to go through the audition process all over again. And I think they will have you pay off some of the expenses if you decide to go to another company.

    7) I'm pretty sure they don't let there artists go around flip-flopping companies. Once your contract ends, they decide whether they will renew it, or let you go.

    8) Just because I'm lazy and don't feel like typing it out hahaha:

    9) I'm not sure, I dont think they would choose someone just based on their video, you would have to see them in person at some point in time. They want to see if the person in the video is really you.

    10) Both are great companies, SM is based on looks. YG is based on talent.

    11) They make that decision for you, whether you debut as a solo artist or in a group.

    12) Look on their website.

    13) Im pretty sure you can't contact any SM trainees unless you're related.

    Hahaha good luck man

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    why would u wanna audition for sm? ive heard their really cruel. they will pretty much treat you like a slave and make you starve . if u have a lil flaw they will force you do to plastic surgery. if you ever debut they make you work all the time non stop no rest. And ive heard they are quite unfair with the money they give you. go into a different company thats more caring.

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    Hi I am no longer Korean, however little command of the Korean language and I'm going to whole quickly be taught I can talk 4 languages.I desire to put in writing songs sooner or later so this yr I went to piano courses. According to my peers and loved ones dancing and making a song songs in Korean and English prime proficiency, and I desire to scan the SM businesses recognize I'm 14 years ancient, peak a hundred and fifty, weight forty four I am a Muslim, Separate trade and private concerns might be certain and don't make quandary for the enterprise with the thought that I'm Muslim, however I place confidence in myself the matters I desired to do me Representation T right here is not any difficulty on this admire there too. ardour for making a song and dancing and I don't desire to ever permit that dream away I reside in a nation that doesn't constitute SM and I don't believe I can cross to Korea or nation they constitute have. I used to be making a song badly worried and in addition since of the proficiency that I can exhibit to any person who quite unhappy Can no longer exhibit non-individual capability for the enterprise? Through the voice recordings? I am four years later after which I'll cross to research in Korea in individual to bring on my paintings. But till then I am no longer an intern for a minimum of the following 4 or 5 years of my age is going up I'm thirsty for making a song your enterprise SM I do my exercises at house dance you dance in keeping with the enterprise's account If my enterprise isn't applicable in keeping with checks carried out by way of voice mail to e mail the enterprise and ask whatever. And if the enterprise isn't capable to ship mail to me I Dance Therefore I am good educated and good ready I'm like the opposite participants Please receive my difficulty correct now, I'm on a 2-yr voice and dance I activity if I'm rejected Who are you my difficulty and has prime capability and multi-language skillability have been upset're's enterprise used to be just one hazard to the lovers and referred to as for the tune Please ?????.

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