Barbie and Monster High dolls glue-sap hazard!!! What to do?

My daughter has trouble keeping her new Barbie and Monster High dolls' hair clean. The hair keeps getting oily and greasy all the time. We checked inside the dolls' heads and they were FULL of sticky and oily Glue-sap!!

Turns out Mattel has been stuffing the dolls' heads with glue that does not dry properly and the glue-sap seeps out of the hairplug holes. It greases the hair and sometimes stains the boxes as well.

Imagine your baby putting that head in her mouth.

Link will provide further information of the glue problem:

Mattel does not seem to want to stop using that glue. It's only getting worse. The newer the dolls the more they have of the glue. It's next to impossible to contact the company. Any ideas on how to make them stop?

Any ideas on how to get the glue out of the dolls' heads? I would hate to bin all my daughter's Barbies, yet I do not dare to let her play with the glue bombs. The grease from the glue gets in her hands and she puts those hands in her mouth...I can only imagine the health hazards.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Where do you get her dolls at? I have over 30 MH dolls, and their hair is perfectly fine. They don't have sap in them either. You should probably report this to mattel though, and include where you're located. The local factory that makes the dolls might be doing something different then my local one is.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Get rid of the dolls, she'll live without them... but keeping them might damage her health.

    You want the best for her, right?

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