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Dirt Bike VS ATV Saftey, Please HELP!!?

Hello, im 15, and I've been riding atv's for probably 10 years. About 2 years ago i got the racing bug. i started making a track at my house and timed myself and raced with friends. Im on a raptor 250se now, and i think I'm actually pretty good at riding. I want to get the new Yamaha WR250F and both of my parents said no due to safety reasons. I really want a bike because i can learn to do so much more on it.( jumps and stuff thats hard to do on an atv). Can the dirt bikers and atv'ers of yahoo answers help explain the safety differences and what is recommended? Id like to show them your answers so they can see real people's opinions.

P.S. About a year and a half ago i hit something on my avt and it rolled over forwards on top of me when i was going about 50mph. i hurt my shoulder and i had a cut/imprint of the goggles on my forehead from the force of the atv sandwiching my against the ground. It took a month or so for my shoulder to be as it should.



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    Well im 16 and have been on ATV's since I was really little and started riding dirt bikes almost 4 years ago... ATV's are harder to flip (obviously) but you have worse consequences when they land on you or you get stuck under them.. I've crashed 2 times on an ATV ( one ended me getting ran over with a HUGE bruise) wasnt too bad.. The other landing this jump really wrong and smashing my chin (wasnt wearing a helmet that time =/ ... ALWAYS DO). My dirtbike, I flew over the handlebars and ended up with a moderate concussion (happened almost 4 months ago and still continue to get blurred vision once in a while).. I grew up on ATV's & when I was 10 wanted a dirt bike.. I've always loved them more.. My dad said no cuz they were to dangerous (same as your situation) ... My bro eventually convinced him to let us get one.. It turned into my bike =D & I race now .. My bro has a trx 450r (atv & hes 12) .. I have a crf 250r & started out on a crf150f... I also have friends where their parents grew up on dirt bikes and wont let my friends ride ATV's cause they think theyre to dangerous.. Kinda depends your parents.. Always wear protective gear! You never know when its really gonna save you.. Prove to them you can ride & always wear your gear.. Its not the bike.. Its the rider!

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    There is no difference in safety between an ATV and a bike; the level of what is safe riding is decided by the rider and not the machine.

    Did you not think to check out what caused your BIG accident by looking at what you hit and if riding slower could you have missed it; or; not bothered to investigate and thought BAD LUCK...

    I would change your approach to racing about "how good you are" to "I have a lot to learn before I'm good" and tame down the need for speed, that way you will be a better rider in the future. Think about it and maybe your parents concerns are right but their solution to the issue is wrong......

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    Clearly a well newbie motorcycle is a Honda Ruckus it's considered a scooter the engine size is among 50 cc ( if is underneath 50 cc in a few states you do not wish a motor cycle license) i have heard that you simply could be in a position to get a 100 fifty cc engine in them. The possibilitys are never-ending as to what you'll be able to do to coustomise the ruckus another cool scooter i could advise is a designated pal 100 twenty 5, a hundred and fifty, or 171I. The designated scooters comprise a two year bumper to bumper waranty if anything in any recognize is going improper with them they are going to alternative it.

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    both are dangerous. i have ridden both. I have ridden dirt bikes since i was 2. my bro has ridden both but went to quads. he has had quite a few more injuries on quads than he did on quads because they tend to land on top of you. dirt bikes you tend to fly away from. dirt bikes are also easier to save from hairy situations, not to mention they are far lighter than quads.

    Source(s): riding for15 years. dad used to race pro motocross
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