If a student over 18 want access to parent portal, what does he or she have to do?

I know the parent portal is a NCLB requirement and a minor would have no say in this matter; however, for a student 18 years + (an adult already), isn't the parent portal a sort of infringement on his civil rights? If my 18 year old friend is able to dismiss himself from school, why can he not access the parent portal?


Thank you guys for the suggestions. But here's the thing, if a student's parents do not give him the access (due to family conflict for example), can he push his school (or school district) for a new regulation that allows students 18 + to access their grades? This action may sound bold, but I believe it is very well justified, isn't it?

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    What is the parent portal? This must be something your school system has. If so, the school controls who has access. They must have given your parents the password or something.

    It is a little odd when students are over 18 and still in high school. I had an argument about this with my daughter's principal once time. She was over 18 and got sick in school. They wouldn't let her sign herself out when they couldn't get in touch with me. I pointed out that she was old enough to be living on her own, signing contracts, and taking on other legal obligations. But the schools are worried about getting sued.

    It's your parents who should give you access to the portal if they want you to have it. When you are in college, the teachers are not allowed to communicate with your parents in any way unless you authorize it- all communication has to be with the student.

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    My son has the access codes for parent portal. He is 17 but he has been able to access it since he started high school. I don't see a reason for a student not to be able to check their own grades. It helps him to see if he has missing assignments.

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