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"Don't hug me I'm scared." What was the real meaning of the video?

Okay..this is one freaky vid. Does anyone even know the real meaning behind it?

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    Ok, I was just as confused as you but then did some research and came up with this:

    this is actually really deep. Look:

    1.) Right before the notebook puppet told the other puppets to write "creative colors" she showed them a board with a wheel of colors; green wasn't on that board, and when one of the puppets wanted to use green, the notebook puppet IMMEDIATELY said "No, Green is NOT a creative color."

    2.) When the notebook puppet told the others to look out the window and look "creatively," they couldn't see anything. THEN the notebook puppet put some monocles over HER OWN ONE EYE, and everyone could suddenly "see" what the notebook wanted them to see, through the perspective of the notebook and her one eye.

    3.) When one of the puppets actually created something really nice and ORIGINAL and creative--the picture of the clown--the notebook puppet had black ink smeared on the picture to obliterate it.

    4.) When things truly got scary, the facade melted away, the kitchen with the tables and the puppets were zoomed out and you could see a hollywood movie set encompassing the kitchen, indicating this is all manufactured by hollywood...ie the indoctrinating media.

    5.) Then, as you can see, the puppets started eating the brains and the heart, telling you that the children's creativity and emotions are being taken by the media, "gobbled up." Basically, the message is supposed to be tragically ironic, because the light-hearted facade hides the sinister plot; on the outside, it looks like they're encouraging children to be "creative," so the mood, songs, and atmosphere is innocent and childlike...but the makers of this sketch are trying to tell you that there's something HIDDEN beneath the friendly facade, a dark, evil purpose, which is why the innocence melts away and all you get is puppets eating brains and hearts and the music turns dark. Even your emotions are manipulated; you feel light-hearted at first, and then you feel fear as the evil is exposed underneath the light. THIS is the nature of children's cartoons; the dark beneath the light.

    Don't you see? This is the perfect metaphor for how our children are being conditioned by cartoons and children's shows to think a certain way, view things a certain way, AND EVEN OUR EDUCATION IS INDOCTRINATED IN A CERTAIN WAY. The elite create shows to "teach" children to be creative, but in actuality, they're teaching our children to be...puppets.

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      this is the best explanation for the video I've seen yet! good job bud

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  • 5 years ago

    Don't laugh at me but this is what I think of it.

    1. The note book starts about being creative stating that today everything is copied and if they try to be original someone ruins it, hence why the ink ruined the clown drawing. She then tried to ask about the clouds so that they imagined something, even if it was just a silly cloud.

    2. She asks for their favorite color, one replies green, she tries to state green is not a creative color,he reason, I am sure it is because green is a seccondary color, so if you tried mixing it with another seccondary color(purple, oange, pink, grey) it would make nothing but brown, she wanted a primary color (Red, Yellow, Blue,white black) because you can mix them and they make a new color.

    3. Things turn dark as they become more creative, soon they had became insane stating that maybe being too creative wasn't a good thing, and that if you become too creative you will become darkly twisted. Which they did, sthey paid the price of being creative to the point that death was the only thing to stop the cycle.

    4. The notepad seeing the darkness of becoming creative says that they shouldn't be creative again, trying to stop the problems of the future and trying to save them from going crazy in their own minds. Soon she closed elf up from the world ending the video.

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  • 4 years ago

    So many good answers have already come..... I just want to record one thought........ but for the hug, no child can ever grow up to be the normal adult; our entire psyche would be far adversely different if hugs were not to be in our life and even the crime rate in the society would most probably be several times greater and sinister! Yes, that's it and let's not forget that even in the animal kingdom the hug is an essential part of growing up normally. At an appropriate time from the right person, a hug can convey as much and as deep as no words can!

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    I don't know the intended meaning but I noticed something. In the first video he says use your brains to have a good time. In the second video there is a angry clock that says time runs out for everyone. In the first video the notebook says,"listen to your heart, listen to the rain, listen to your mind" then they do and someone puts down a D. The D was black. Black isn't creative. Like he ran out of imagination and lost his mind. and that's when things got trippy. In both videos as soon as the puppets use their mind, things get bad, and they run out of whatever they were learning about.

    Moral: Things run out

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      Oh my god... I'm alone in my living room while I'm reading all this... That's a little scary... Who else thinks this is a little scary? Is like reading a "creepypasta" and I DON'T LIKE CREEPYPASTAS!!! Somebody give me a shot... ._.

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  • 6 years ago

    Here are the things to notice:

    1. The notepad character says "What's your favourite idea? Mine is being creative!"

    When the working-class puppets ask, "How do you get the idea?" he says "You just

    have to think creatively." That is obviously no use! He is self-absorbed and his attempt to help is insincere and contradictory.

    2. When he says "I use my hair to express myself," and the character with lots of hair says "that sounds really stupid," the notepad repeats it more insistently.

    3. The notion "Using your mind to have a good time" and showing a diagram connecting a brain to a clock (the literal meaning of time) is useless as a diagram to show anything, it is mixing up literal and figurative.

    4. The notion of 'making a color' with leaves and sticks is obviously very dumb. They are making the color word, not any actual color.

    All these examples show that what the notepad character refers to as creativity is actually a useless insistence on formal agreement.

    5, Things like 'green is not a creative color' and blacking out the clown drawing are very explicit examples of this.

    This is just the first few minutes, now watch it again and see if you can get on the rigth track for understanding the rest.

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  • ament
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    3 years ago

    Scared Meaning

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  • 6 years ago

    The calendar' date is June 19th also known as Juneteenth. Juenteeth is the oldest known celebration commemorating the ending of slavery in the United States.

    It's a statement meant to reflect irony. Physical slavery may not exists in the United States ie. Hollywood, however slavery by society is anything but, terminated.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    I would also like to expand that.

    Puppet in general is creepy to some, but why it is creepy? They are not scary, but more like creepy. Here is why.

    In general, PUPPET IS INNOCENT, they wear mask so you do not know their intention, since with the mask, you do not know their true identity, it is UNCANNY. Puppet in real world, can walk because people control them and make them certain way. In this case, the puppet metarphor for the kids.

    You get why!

    Sorry words limit!! Thumb up so no one scare vdi

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    cutie5965 9 minutes ago

    Everyone please thumb up so others can see.

    The color green in term of literature in general symbolizes money, higher consciousness and love. It also reflected a person who is reliable and open-minded. As demonstrated in the video, this is bright green color, hence the interpretation, if it's dark green then diffrent meaning. Hence why the notebook took away the green colour, because it is pure, and media want to feed us with information and such.

    Don't be a fool everyone

    From 15 yrs girl !

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    cutie5965 12 minutes ago

    Hi there. The voice can be conveys as '' listen'' to what you '' heard''. What you heard is of course, sometimes not necessary your own opinion! Unless it says to your consciousness or you heart. Hence, it makes us think in certain way. Where do we usually hear? Radio, television and other, but of course, not really yourself. The voice is not you, but a being in your hear, it almost seem like there is a tiny people in your head. Hope I help. Have another question? Please leave them down below

    • You're not thinking creatively.

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  • 4 years ago

    The second video discusses merchandising. In the beginning of the video, the main characters are all just sitting around, wasting time (or mucking around) waiting for their show. the Clock disapproves of this, because he wants them to buy things and contribute to consumer culture. To brainwash them into doing so, he launches into a song/journey through time. At first, Red Guy is resistant because he wants to watch his show. So the clock shows him how things die over time (like the trees and the apple). The clock shows them life is short, and that they should buy tons of gizmos to make the most out of their limited existence. At first the clocks plan works. The gang is caught up in time and consuming (represented by the fish scene).

    However, it is crucial to the clocks plan that the gang (and humanity) only focuses on the superficial concept of time, so that they kept busy and consuming. Throughout the video, he commands the cast to turn all their attention back to time. Examples include the merry-go-round line and when the clock yells "Look at the time!" after Yellow Guys Dad Roy is on the computer .

    So when after the fish scene the gang begins questioning the nature of time (and consequentially are mucking around again), Tony's plan has completely backfired, and he is forced to screech at them to drown out their ideas. He then harshly reprimands them giving them another, far more gruesome "lesson" in the preciousness of life and time. ( making them older by the second)

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

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  • 6 years ago

    Hey, Rachel. I'm not really here to answer your question, as that has already been done, I'm just really happy by the fact that your profile picture is of Canada from Hetalia <3 I'd LOVE to befriend you.

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