With yahoo mail is there anyway to block domain addresses only?

Although I block individual addresses (i.e. john@spammer.com, , the spammers get around thus by changing the name "john" but the domain "spammer.com" is the same. so why can't I block the domain "spammer.com" the email comes from?

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    8 years ago
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    Look for the 'Options' link at upper right corner of mail screen and then ...

    Options > Mail options/More Options > Spam

    Make sure spam guard is on, by checking in the little box.

    Then in 'Blocked Email Addresses,' enter the E-mail address you wish blocked, in the box after 'Add a blocked address' and click on the 'add' button, then click on 'save changes' at top left of screen. (You can copy and paste this for accuracy) You will never get mail from that address again.

    There is a limit of 500 addresses, but usually spammers change addresses regularly, so you can delete old ones without harm. They also use a variety of constantly-changing proxy servers to disguise the actual IP address and can 'spoof' or fake the sender's address as well, so blocking spammers is really a waste of time - they have many tricks to get past blocks.

    Yes, spammers change one item in their addresses a lot, so you might try blocking the entire domain, by putting in *@ thedomainyouwanttoblock.com

    for instance: *@seeyou.com

    Or, if they change the domain, instead of the company name you can block the name by putting in Imatheft_inc@*


  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    The above advise may have been a good and appropriate answer for Yahoo Mail two years ago, but doesn't apply to your new yahoo e-mail. It appears that to now block domain names, not addresses only, in your new yahoo e-mail; you're encouraged to pay for an upgrade to your assigned e-mail account.

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