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who is part of the obregon cartel in traffic the movie? Who is part of the juarez cartel in the movie traffic. Can you tell me there names and what were their jobs thank u

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    Mexico storyline

    Benicio del Toro as Javier Rodriguez, a Tijuana police officer.

    Jacob Vargas as Manolo Sanchez, Javier Rodriguez's partner.

    Marisol Padilla Sánchez as Ana Sanchez, Manolo Sanchez's wife.

    Tomás Milián as General Arturo Salazar, head of Mexico's anti-drug campaign. The main antagonist.

    Salma Hayek as Rosario, a drug lord's mistress.

    Wakefield storyline

    Michael Douglas as Robert Wakefield, Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy.

    Amy Irving as Barbara Wakefield, Robert Wakefield's wife.

    Erika Christensen as Caroline Wakefield, the Wakefields' teenage daughter.

    Topher Grace as Seth Abrahams, Caroline Wakefield's boyfriend.

    D. W. Moffett as Jeff Sheridan, executive assistant to Robert Wakefield.

    James Brolin as General Ralph Landry, Robert Wakefield's predecessor as Director of the ONDCP.

    Albert Finney as White House Chief of Staff.

    Vonte Sweet as Caroline's pimp.

    Ayala/DEA storyline

    Steven Bauer as Carlos Ayala, a distributor for the Obregón drug cartel.

    Catherine Zeta-Jones as Helena Ayala, Carlos Ayala's wife.

    Dennis Quaid as Arnie Metzger, Helen Ayala's lawyer and Carlos's partner.

    Clifton Collins, Jr. as Francisco Flores, a hitman for the Obregón drug cartel.

    Don Cheadle as Montel Gordon, a DEA agent.

    Luis Guzmán as Ray Castro, Montel Gordon's partner.

    Miguel Ferrer as Eduardo Ruiz, Carlos Ayala's subordinate.

    Peter Riegert as Michael Adler, Carlos Ayala's defense attorney.

    Benjamin Bratt as Juan Obregón, drug lord of the Obregón drug cartel.

    Jim Ross as DEA Agent - CalTrans#1 (a Stunt double)

    James Lew as DEA Agent - CalTrans#2 (a Stunt double)

    (Jeremy Fitzgerald) as DEA Agent - CalTrans#3 (a Stunt double)

    (Beau Holden) as DEA Agent - CalTrans#4 (a Stunt double)

    (Russell Solberg) as DEA Agent - CalTrans#5 (a Stunt double)

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