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When you were a teenager did you have a crush on a Teacher or Celebrity or Movie Star?

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    One of my English teachers was a real English woman who was visiting our school for a year as part of some exchange program. She was a ringer for Diana Rigg (who played Mrs. Emma Peel on "The Avengers"), and she exuded the same kinky sensuality. All of us boys lusted after her and spent a lot of time imagining her dressed in leather outfits.

    In the world of stage and screen, I had too many loves to count. And they were all over the psychological map. Everyone from Annette Funicello to Sally Kellerman (who played Hot Lips Houlihan in the movie version of "M.A.S.H.") Other notables included Mary Tyler Moore, Patty Duke, Angie Dickinson, Sally Field, Sandy Dennis (I loved those girl-next-door types), Shari Lewis, and Tuesday Weld.

    We never know where the heart will lead us.

    For those with more than an average interest in this subject, I recommend Chris Strodder's picture-book "Swingin' Chicks of the Sixties."

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    Pretty sure I had a crush on a teacher when in early grade school but can't even remember her name or grade. In High school, almost all the guys had a crush on a English Lit teacher we all had. She was only about 23, and beautiful. She was from the south and had southern accent. She was married but that didn't stop the pining away. Mrs. Baskin.

    She was only here one year and then moved to Plant City, Florida. Don't know if it was true or not but a guy a year older than me supposedly had a dalliance with her in Florida in the early 70's. Likely just brag and BS, but since then he has died so no one will ever know. She was beautiful and something about that accent drove us lads nuts.

    Course, I also had a thing for Annette Funicello starting from when I began watching the Mickey Mouse Club, but she was an older woman and nothing would ever come of it. I think she was also in "Babes In Toy Land" and I think that sealed my love for her. Her co-star in that movie was a heartthrob at the time by the name of Tommy Sands. Think that was around 1960-1961. Heck, I was only 8 but I fell in love with lots of women.

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    I don't know if it was a crush on a teacher, but there were some that I admired. Now as for the celebrity or movie star, oh, yeah! Simon and Garfunkel and Bobby Vinton made my teenage self absolutely swoon! I'll never forget the day that Art Garfunkel walked into my mother's art store. I kept going articulately, "un, uh, uh" until he left and then my anguised voice exclaimed, "Art Garfunkel!!!!"

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    I had a weigh down on David Cassidy in the time of my 20s, i.e. in the Nineteen Nineties, hahaha... In my day (late 80s) it became Bros for s short era, then I went thoroughly any incorrect way and became into Axl Rose, Seb Bach, Nikki Sixx, and all people with skintight leathers and long hair (yet no longer Jon Bon Jovi, 'cos he's slightly moist). via the time i became 17 it became Evan Dando, Mike Patton, and Anthony Kiedis...

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    I had a huge crush on my history teacher in senior high school. He was also the coach of all the sports teams. -- his name was Irv Brown and he still does sports on local news. And, he's still a bit of a heart-throb for me.

    And you know what the nice thing is? All the girls had a crush on him and he never, ever noticed or if he did, he never, ever gave any indication. What a gentleman.

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    Oh yes...I was absolutely convinced that I was one day going to marry Mark Farner from the band Grand Funk Railroad.

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    Of course - I still think & feel Sophia Loren is the sexiest woman on Earth.

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    I had a crush on Paul McCartney...........still do for that matter!

    We are both in our sixties now...............I was just a young girl when my crush started!

    Where did all the years go?

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    9 years ago

    Thought Arline or was it Darline, of the Musketeers was living end.

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    9 years ago

    Yes, I've had crushed on boys all thru my school years and early rock & roll Fabian. With good reason.

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