Should I get a newer car, or just fix mine up? ?

Ok, I have an 00 Ford Contour, with 191K miles on it....I've had her it seems like forever, but I love her still nonetheless...she has a few sratches on the paint, the suroof won't open, needs a tune-up, oil change, EGR valve, there's a crack in the dash panel, but mechanically she runs great, she's got all her "get up and go"...I know it won't last forever but, my mom has a 97 Grand Prix with 240K miles on it, running like a dream...should I try to go for the 200K+ miles or should I just fix these minor things(it seems minor) and keep her? Also does anyone have any reccomendations for maintenance for a car with 190K miles? Thanks!

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    You need a trusty mechanic that doesn't try to talk you into repairs you don't really need.

    Other than the oil change, nothing you listed is critical and even that might not be depending on when you last changed it.

    Those tune up & oil change places are primarily sales based. They ALWAYS try to sell you stuff.

    They told me a needed my Radiator flushed a month after I did it myself.

    So they lie.

    I wouldn't worry about any of that stuff. Certainly not the broken sunroof or the cracked dash or the scratches.

    You can often wax or buff out scratches if they bother you that much.

    Wait until you have a SERIOUS repair. If & when your motor or transmission goes out, THAT'S when you should consider a newer car.

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    i'd say if it's gonna cost less than 1500, go ahead and fix her up and see how much longer she's got in her!

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