Why do my clothes still smell of B.O after being washed in cold water?

I use Dove deodorant twice a day.

How I wash:

I always use cold water.

I always do "large/super" loads at once.

I hang most of it to dry.

I use 1 cap full of tide.

I dont use downy fabric softener or anything like that.

Help? What is the problem? Will warm water help?

But wont that shrink items and cause colors to bleed?


Bleach will ruin my clothes; to the 3rd answerer.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Bacteria causes the problem.

    Don't worry. Try reducing the size of your loads so that more water can have a chance to do its bit. You should not cram in the things to be washed just only as much as enters easily.

    Now this will kill bacteria: In one quart of any temperature water ( I use cold) put and mix one half of a drinking glassful of not perfumed bleach (sodium hypo-chloride)into your wash water. When is very important.

    Your laundry has to be already wet with wash water. I usually let the program run for about 10 minutes. Then I shut the program. I open the tray where you see the water go in and pour the mixture in. I close the tray and reset the machine to start all over again. It adds a little more water by doing that but do not worrry.

    That is all that you have to do.

    You will note the difference.

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  • 8 years ago

    most likely the bacteria causing the body odor have not died and are still living on the clothes.

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