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Is FAST shampoo by Nisim FDA approved?

I really want to grow my hair out more and i've herd some great reviews about this product but i dont want to use anything that is unhealthy or will cause bad side affects.

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    No, it's not FDA approved because body care and cosmetic products are not considered medicines and are therefore not subject to FDA approval, nor does the FDA try to regulate the body care industry.

    This provides a large margin of freedom for manufacturers to formulate their products without too much government interference. However, the FDA classifies cosmetic ingredients according to their degree of toxicity and prohibits the use of certain ingredients proven to be unsafe for use on humans such as certain colorants and some prohibited or restricted ingredients (such as hexachlorophene, mercury compounds, and chloroform). Bodycare product manufacturers, on their own responsibility, use any raw material as a cosmetic ingredient and market the product. The FDA will only investigate a product and possibly pull it off the shelf if extensive mass consumer complaints and lengthy accumulations of evidence point to its harmfulness.

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