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How does the IOC define a sport?

There are many types of activities we consider as "sports", but what really makes a sport a sport?

What are the requirements needed for a sport to be considered into the Summer Olympic Games?

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    The IOC has a number of requirements for a sport to be considered for the Games. The sport must be practised on all continents (except Antarctica of course), it must have national and international governing bodies, and it must have held at least 3 world championships. It also has to fit into the needs of the Games in terms of facilities and other needs, and it is entirely up to the IOC which sport if selected.

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    Each sport has a governing body that determines the rules and regulations for their sport.

    The General committee decides if a sport can be a part of the Games and if to drop a sport from the Games.

    To be considered there must be enough interest and activity in the world not just a few countries for a new sport to be added to the Games.

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