Can I get into these colleges? :)?



3)Penn State(Smeal)

4)Ohio State


o First Place, Street-play competition held by Modern High School, Dubai, 2010.

o Participated in Indian Classical Music night organized by Sruthilaya, 2006 and 2009.

o Completed seven levels of BRAINOBRAIN Abacus Development, a programme facilitating mental mathematics through the use of abacus.

o Secured the position of ‘Champion’ in the first Brainobrain UAE National Competition ‘Brainobrain Fest’, UAE, held on 25th April,2008 in Dubai.

o Received the Demo Appreciation Award in the second UAE National Abacus Competition ‘Brainobrain Fest’, 2010, held on 10th December, 2010, Dubai


o Associated with some social activities in the year 2009, 2010 and 2011 during Summer School Holidays in India. Taught unprivileged students math and science.


o During the holidays, attended Internship in the following companies:

-Gulf Turrets LLC, UAE.

-Bosco Aluminium and Glass Co. LLC, UAE.

-Nishtha Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.


SAT: 530 in CR,650 Math,660 Writing

I know they're bad but I came to the point,I am a bad test taker.Can't take again.Apps are sent as well.

Good recommendation letters.There's no GPA for Indian board but my grades are not bad.The lowest I've got is B and there are more A's and A+'s.Also,in tenth grade my Main Exam CGPA was 9.6 which is the third highest in the entire school.

Honest opinion :)

I got into SUNY and Cincinnati (Don't know why that should matter)

No rude answers.Also,this is just an opinion that I want.So please help answerians! :)

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    I think you have a decent chance of getting into Penn and Ohio. Not having a GPA and bad test scores might harm your chances, but it seems like you have some great credentials (although you could have used some extracurricular activities). NYU is a bit of a long shot I don't really think you'll get in, but they value creativity a lot so if you had a great essay or something you could get lucky. I have no knowledge about Syracuse sorry. Good Luck!

    Source(s): I'm currently looking for colleges too. I mainly got info from college board's website and this book "America's Top Universities"
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