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雖然GDP是衡量一國景氣榮枯的重要經濟指標,但由於資料蒐集極為耗時,屬於景氣的落後指標(Lagging Index )。投資人想在瞬息萬變的投資市場中,用GDP預測未來經濟的變化,似乎不可行。



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    Although GDP is a measure of a country's economy withered and important economic indicators, but because the data collected is extremely time consuming, backward pointer belonging to the boom (Lagging Index). Investors want in a rapidly changing investment market, with GDP forecast future changes in the economy, did not seem feasible.雖然GDP是衡量一國景氣榮枯的重要經濟指標,但由於資料蒐集極為耗時,屬於景氣的落後指標(Lagging Index )。投資人想在瞬息萬變的投資市場中,用GDP預測未來經濟的變化,似乎不可行。

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    While GDP is an important measurement for the strength of an economy, the excessive time in data gathering makes it a lagging indicator. It is thus unlikely to serve as a viable predictor for investors navigating in a market changing quickly and frequently.

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  • GDP (Gross Domestic Production) 國內生產毛額

    這種經濟指標只能統計中長期 (月、季、年等) ,一國或經濟區的生產總額,不但無法及時反映該地區經濟狀況,且有許多隱藏性的(地下)經濟都會被忽略;再者,無法確實反映出其經濟福祉,數值也會受人口數影像。

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    Although GDP is an important economical indext for weighing the prosperity of a country, but that of a lagging one will extremely take time to collect (或obtain). Therefore it seems impossible for investors to use GDP to predict the change of future economy in a dramatically changing investment market.

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