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A 6.0-pF capacitor is needed to construct a circuit.?

A 6.0-pF capacitor is needed to construct a circuit. The only capacitors available are rated as 9.0 pF. How can a combination of 9.0-pF capacitors be assembled so that the equivalent capacitance of the combination is 6.0 pF? there are multiple solutions. i am looking for more ways than one please.

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    The first answer is correct. If you really need other answers, you can combine 9 caps in parallel and then put 6 sets of them in series. Or 18 caps and 12 sets. There are an infinite number of solutions, but most of them are impractical. Also, stray capacitance will have an effect in the real world.

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    The solution, using the least number of 9pf capacitors is, 2 sets of (3 x 9pf capacitors in series) placed in parallel or 3 sets of (2 x 9pf capacitors in parallel) placed in series. There are some practical constraints when the capacitance is so low. The layout of the printed circuit board (if one is used) or stray capacitance between capacitor leads.

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