What kind of treatment did Chris Pine have for his acne scars?

What kind of treatment did Chris Pine have for his acne scars?

I saw a movie trailer recently for a movie with Chris Pine in it. I noticed he didn't have his acne scars anymore. Does anyone know which kind of treatment he had for it? Was it Fraxel laser or Dermabrasion or subcision or ...?

I have scarring on my chin but I'm too scared to try any of the current treatments. I feel worried it would make my skin look worse or cause discoloration. Pine's face looked pretty good-whatever he had done.


I don't have acne anymore. I'm 42 years old. I have scarring.

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    Sorry, I have no information on Chris Pine, but I'd like to tell you about my experience with the Fraxel Laser procedure.

    I'm 24, and like you I have no active acne, but still have scars. I contemplated Fraxel for over a year. I would go to a consultation, but would ultimately back out. I realized "I look in the mirror, see this every day, and it interferes with my confidence and daily life" and got to the point where I decided (and this was difficult for me to do) to just take the risk because I already felt awful every day to begin with... Couldn't get much worse.

    I had my first procedure done about 3 weeks ago, and it was PERFECT. My only regret is allowing myself to emotionally suffer from these scars longer than I had to. None of the fears I had had were in the least bit relevant. They told me to not expect to see much change after the first, but there definitely has been an improvement. While not overly obvious, I can personally notice it in the mirror & photos, because, naturally, I'm so obsessed.

    My skin is fair, and (where there are no scars) porcelain-like... I was terrified my skin would be too sensitive and have some crazy, adverse reaction that I would regret for the rest of my life. Honestly, it was probably what I read on blogs, etc that put this idea in my head. The pain during the procedure was minimal (I literally couldn't even feel it in many places), about an hour afterwards was awful, and the following 24 hrs was on & off about a 4/10 pain-wise. I was back to work 4 days afterwards, wearing only a tinted moisturizer. It's true your face looks pretty much scar-free for about a week or so afterwards... Once the swelling has gone down 100%, the scars are once again visible.

    A lot of people say "Fraxel made my scars bigger"... The thing with that is, a scar can appear to be tiny on the surface, but as the layers of skin are peeled away, it gets much larger towards the "base" of the scar. Since you're 42, I'm assuming the scars have already healed a great deal & are no longer very deep. In my opinion (but I'm not a dermatologist), this will work in your favour towards having good results from Fraxel. My scars are concentrated under my cheek bones & chin, and are approximately 8 years old. I am positive after the 5th treatment (I signed for 5) that the majority, if not all, will be gone.

    If you do everything they tell you to pre- and post-procedure, take vitamins, drink A LOT of water (the laser takes away moisture), and clean your face/use the products as advised, it is highly unlikely you will have anything but great results.

    I am convinced celebrities like Megan Fox and Brad Pitt have had this done. It really is the most reliant way to get rid of scars... And their skin definitely looks smoother and tighter now than when they had more acne scars before.

    If you're still unsure about Fraxel, I highly recommend getting a prescription for Retin-A. It increases your cells' turnover rate, and encourages collagen to build up. It is also the only topical treatment *actually proven* in labs to treat fine lines & wrinkles. All-around win! (If you do use this, stop a good week before & after Fraxel).

    Just don't let fears and worries be the deciding factor in whether or not you get Fraxel.

    Best of luck!

    PS! - If you're prone to cold sores, you must have a thorough talk with a dermatologist/plastic surgeon. Cold sores can be triggered by extreme heat (such as that from Fraxel). In theory, it is possible for someone who regularly gets them to have a major breakout of cold sores afterwards. Definitely something to discuss with a professional if this applies to you.

    Okay, now, goodbye & best of luck! :) x

    Source(s): Information on Retin-A: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tretinoin
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    Chris Pine Acne

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    Brad Pitt Acne Scars

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