Is Jeff The Killer real (Creepypasta)?

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I heard his story was based off real murders in oregon. Is that true? If so, may I have proof?
thank you :3
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No, it's not true. They wouldn't have let Jeff out of the hospital that soon after he just killed a guy and beat the living $#@! out of two other guys with a towel rack. And your skin doesn't just heal up nice and white after you've been burned with alcohol. That whole story is filled with holes. It doesn't make the goddamn picture any less scary though.
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  • Charlie answered 2 years ago
    Of course not. It's just a stupid story that was designed to scare kids. I think the authorities would have a fairly easy time tracking down someone who looked like that.
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  • Ethan Brost answered 2 years ago
    thankfully no
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  • ? answered 2 years ago
    I think not I was scared not because he's a killer HOW HE LOOKS...I saw a picture of a creepy pasta saying go to sleep I was really scared I had a VERY hard time sleeping I think I'll leave the lights on now...


    I found an article about serial killers at the Tru tv website.
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