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Install Win 7 64 bits in a drive with Win 7 32 bits.?

I have Win 7 ultimate 32 bits in a 1tb drive, I created a partition, so it is 500gb and 500gb.

The problem is, I don't have any kind of installer for the Win 7 32 bits and I don't want to uninstall it.

I want to install the Win 7 64 bits in the new partition, I have an ISO with the windows and daemon tools, I do not have a cd burner. I have a backup 37gb hard drive.

Any hope on how can I install 64 bits in the new partition, without uninstalling the 32 bits and without using any cd burner ?


I tried to mount and run the installer right on, but it promps an error telling me the lack of compatibility with 32 bits OS.

Update 2:

I do not have any dvd disk of the windows, I have the ISO of it. ((I want to go careful, I've heard some compatibility issues with 64 bits and if it's true, I want to delete it and keep the 32, if it's good I'll just delete the 32 ))

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    You can do that just like installing any other OS to a separate partition.

    Just restart your computer with the disc inside the drive, boot from the disc, install to the partition.

    Why you want a separate 32 and 64bit versions is beyond me.


    If you have an iso you need to burn it to a disc.

    you can use something like imgburn or iso recorder (both free)

    Also all compatibility issues with 64bit are ancient, like windows xp 64bit days...

    64bit can NOT:

    -Run 16bit software, or software that contain any 16bit pointers (which may happen in some 32bit applications, bu VERY few are still around today)

    -Use 32bit drivers, so if you have any hardware that doesnt support 64bit, then you wont be able to use it. Again its actually hard to find that now days, everything is 64bit.

    -Use 32bit plugins, again now days any plugins are 64bit compatible.

    Unless you have ANCIENT software/hardware, there is no downside to 64bit.

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    The best option would be to either create a 3rd partition big enough to store a 'Ghost image' of the Win32 for future recovery if needed, OR simply buy a used harddrive around 80Gbs or more to use as the Win64 main drive, and install the 1Tb with an external adapter cable kit for $10 from G'Luck!

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