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Should I keep this job as a reference?

I worked at a Canada Post outlet in Shoppers Drug Mart for about 8 months. I did really good there and got alot of experience from it but there was this one manager that just hated me for some reason. She wouldn't even say hi most of the time. So a strike happened for the last month I worked there and that's when things got worse when I was already tired of the job. I literally had nothing to do and then I would get in trouble from my manager everyday because she expected me to be busy for 8 hour shifts when all she gave me to do was face shelves. I was getting yelled at by customers because no mail was going out and I was basically just really unhappy. So I quit one day the morning I was supposed to work and I told them it was because I got another job, when I didn't. They were mad, of course, but they gave me my last cheque right away.

I thought about the reference thing and I contacted an old manager from the post office who agreed to give me a good reference. But now I'm not sure if that's working out. It's a cell phone number and my sister thinks people are looking up the actual number to the post office and then I'm getting a bad reference. I have had 5 interviews in the past 2 months with no luck.

Sorry this is so long I just want you guys to know the whole story so I can get proper advice. I don't want to have to take it off my resume because that's work I want credit for and I did do really good there, I just quit in a bad way. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance :)

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    If you're providing a reference relating to your job there, with a working phone number, then it's improbable that anyone's going to the trouble of trying to find another number for the place. (Indeed, most employers won't contact a former employer about you without your consent, for legal reasons.)

    So no, unless you think that this manager who agreed to give you a good reference is actually badmouthing you behind your back, I wouldn't worry too much about that being what's holding you back. It's a tough economy right now, so it's often hard to find jobs, but if you're getting the interviews then your resume's probably in reasonable shape, and it's your interview skills you need to focus on. Five interviews without an offer isn't terrible, in any event, but it shows that you're not dazzling them in the interviews.

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    Find a working number to your ex manager so they don't call the post office. An yes keep it on your resume

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