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Girls could you answer this? I need a girls opinion. My crush is very complicated?

The girl I like has showed signs of liking me. Lots of non verbal communication. For example eye contact and looking at each other every day. She would do other things like say something to me that was very irrevelant but I didnt care cause i got to talk to her. She would also walk next to me in the halls and not say anything. And then she would walk in front me and sometimes look back at me. These are just a few things she has done. Anyways, I dont have a class with her anymore because of the new semester change. But i see in the mornings and at lunch. Btw we've talked a few times just not a lot. Anyway i sent her a facebook message asking for her number. No reply. Then i sent an apology saying i was sorry for being so direct with my last message and told her to text me. Again no reply and she is on facebook every day. Before those messages i had a convo with her online that went well. We were typing 5 line answers to each other. But it was short. Now once she notices me she'll sort of look the other way or pretend I'm not there. I only see her in the halls and not class anymore. Yesterday i was in the hallway and no one was really around. She saw me coming and she immeiately turned her head. It made me feel really bad like she doesn't like me.

What's the deal? And I know the fb message was stupid so you dont need to tell me that. Why is she ignoring me? And she is not really a shy person and she has friends who are guys

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    The facebook message wasn't stupid. If she ignored the message though and is going out of her way to ignore you, she either isn't into you or is playing hard to get. If she is playing hard to get, she should show you some signs to kind of keep you on the hook so you don't start looking for a new crush. If there is no sign there, it may be that she just wanted to be friends and now you've freaked her out.

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    Are you serious? I bet she thinks you're creepy now. Can't you take a hint? She doesn't like you! If she did, she would have answered you, she would have given you her number, and she would be talking to you right now.

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    hmmm she could either be teasing u cos she knows u like her or she could like you and just acts a lil funny cos of it i mean i am also sooo guilty of the fast head turning :P xx

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    Bro, she likes you.

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