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What all does BAH in Army cover?

I know if i have mortgage or lease an apartment they will provide me with BAH while I am in BCT and AIT, but my wife and I rent a part of someones house privately. The owners live there as well. We have a rental agreement with then for the rental terms. Would I still be able to receive BAH.

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    lease/rental same thing. So if you have a lease or rental agreement then you qualify for BAH w/dependents. BAH is to pay for the mortgage/rent/lease of a residence and the utilities. You just make sure you take a copy of the agreement with you to Basic.

    Speak to them about the payment though as your first pay will not include the BAH at all, it can actually not show up until your 2nd or 3rd pay but will be backdated to the date you started. Your first pay will be low as it will also have a deduction of up to $300 for necessities you needed to buy.

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    It doesn't matter

    If your married, you are paid BAH, based on your rank and the zipcode of your spouse while in basic and AIT

    It doesn't matter if your spouse is actually paying rent or not.

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    BAH is based on rank and you will be paid BAH with dependents rate for where your spouse lives.

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