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OK U HAVE ANSWERED A LOT OF MY QUESTIONS BEFORE AND THEY WERE VERY INFORMATIVE. SO AS FAR AS THE FILTER THING I HAVE A 350 MAGNUM CANISTER AND A MARINELND BIO WHEEL POWER FILTER 400 ( DIDNT COME W THE TANK) UMM THE PLECOS? THEY EAT ALGAE WAFERS.. SO THEIR ACTUALLY BAD? EEKKK WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH THEM? and ok so i got the stupid caps lock off - but yeah i just bought 46 gal bow front w a class canopy and the stand i love! So i cant really go buy another tank :( and a pond in ohio lol omg! Frozen fishys for sure and my cats would eat them, is there a way i could take a pic of my tank and send it to your phone? I kno it sounds weird but i really nnnnneeeeeddd help! My phone number is 440-308-7005 text me if u want and ill send you the pic and maybe u could help me outttt please lol thank u soo much!!

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    U dont want me :(

  • Pamela
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    Stop posting in caps or you will get reported for screaming and yelling.

    Besides this is not a forum for chatting it is for asking questions.

    And you have no question here.

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