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water rides while pregnant?

we are going to aquatica this weekend and my sister is 32 weeks pregnant. last time we went she was 14 weeks and she went on the slow water rides and she wants to do that again this time. we looked at some of the signs and some of them didnt advise pregnant women to not go on them. they didnt say anything about pregnant women. so is it ok? the ride we went on last time was a big water ride but it wasnt very fast at all just kind of going down a slide, no twists or anything. last time she wasnt showing and this time she is. if the water ride doesnt advise against it will they make her go back down once shes up there? thanks!

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    Slow water rides are fine, wave pool is fine, nothing with any G force like the big slides

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    while you're conversing approximately Water united states of america or Kings Dominion, i don't think of any of those rides may be very stable for a pregnant lady. The bumps alongside the way and rapid velocity might in all possibility pose a threat for miscarriage. The lazy river and the wave pool are in all possibility ok, yet you need to look out for sons and daughters by possibility kicking your abdomen or having somebody get pushed into you by capacity of the stress of the waves. If the slide has a warning call that asserts "expectant mothers shouldn't trip" you certainly ought to obey that.

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    wave pools, lazy river type things should be fine. I think I would advise against any type of slide since the impact with the water a the bottom or possibly running into someone else at the bottom not paying attention could be a bad thing.

    even if they don't say "no pregnant women"... use common sense.

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    If it doesn't have the no pregnant women sign and is a slow ride, then I would say it's fine.

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    If there's no sign, its fine. Avoid the fast rides.

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