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Have I had a miscarriage?

I took 5 pregnancy tests. The first one was negative (because it was too early) the other four were positive. Most of them were the ones where the two lines come up, but just to be sure, i did an expensive clearblue one for the last time where it actually says 'pregnant'. i went to the college nurse with my boyfriend and his mum and peed ina cup and the nurse did three tests and they all came back negative. I was shocked and confused. They all suggested that I had read all the tests wrong which fraustrated me because I know i read them right, and I also know my own body. Could all this mean I have had a miscariage?

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    Maybe you should go to an an actual doctor or health clinic. If you took 4 tests, different brands out of different packages that came up positive, then you're probably pregnant. If you had a miscarriage, your hormone levels would stay elevated for a while even after the miscarriage was complete, which would cause you to still test positive. I would definitely get a second opinion.

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    The urine tests all look for your hCG levels. And while a drop in hCG might indicate a miscarriage, your hCG would not drop far enough to effect the readings on the tests. Not pregnant? Your hCG level is pretty much unreadable. Pregnant? It's in the thousands, and doubles every 2-3 days.

    You need a blood test which can only be done at your doctor's office.

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