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If a mom cant kick their child who he is an adult, whos a drug dealer because she doesnt have the heart what?

can be done? her kid talks to her with disrespect like wishing she was dead and they can do whatever they want in the house (meaning dealing their drugs) but even with that the mom doesn't have the heart to kick the child out because she cant imagine him sleeping on the streets or dying out there, although im pretty sure the kid has enough friends to stay with, should the parent get help?


and what if. nothing helps with her? talking with her doesnt, is the only way to someone else to do something about it? to wake her up? i think she is too attached to her children?

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    I would not "kick him out" because that is not resolving the issue only sending it elsewhere, where it may get worse.

    I would call the police, honestly. Reporting your own child may be difficult and seem wrong but ultimately it may be a life changing situation. He could be court ordered to attend counseling, submit to drug tests, probation would require him to stay out of trouble, etc.

    I can assure her that if she does nothing, he will end up dying- either of drugs or violence related to drugs.

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    Yes, the parent needs help. It doesn't have to be professional help unless that's her only option. Perhaps other family members could step in and help her gain mental strength. Perhaps there's a friend. Someone needs to help her.

    I suggest she calls the police. She can at least have peace knowing the adult child has a warm place to sleep without drugs.

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    The parent needs to kick her child out...but it probably isn't going to happen. Grandmother of a girl I work with lost her house because her son was dealing drugs from it.

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    I suppose that if that's how she wants to live her life, getting treated like dirt by her own child, then there's not a lot you can do. You could try suggesting that she's sees a councillor about her relationship with her son. I know that if he was my child he wouldn't be anywhere near my house until he was totally clean and had more respect! Good luck :)

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    Once your child is 18 you are under no obligation to let him keep living with you.

    If the child is a minor and a mother needs to get rid of him, she needs to go through giving him up legally; she can't just toss him on the streets.

    If this is an older teen/adult, and acts llike this, this mother has already failed miserably at parenting this kid. There is nothing more she can do. She really needs to get him out and get on with her life now.

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