How much would a submersible propellor pump that puts out 10,000 GPM cost?

It will be pumping clean water with no debris. It should be high powered.


Also, where would I find one to buy?

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  • JohnB.
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    9 years ago
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    What you need to calculate first is the HP of the pump. If you look up pumps you will find there is something called a pump curve in their data sheet. This indicates how many HP will produce a specific flow and head pressure. This HP defines what motor you need and finding the flow curve that meets your needs can define what pump you need.

    Since you want a submersible pump then you will need to find a combination pump and motor that satisfies the parameters.

    Next do a web search for submersible pump on the web.

    Source(s): experience with pumps and motors
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    One would not be able to obtain a 10,000 gpm propeller pump. A submersible pump with that high a capacity would be a vertical turbine pump. The cost would be considerable. Some factors which would influence the cost would be depth of well and pressure desired at the wellhead. One source is listed in the link below.

    If this is to be a well pump, it would be worthwhile to prove that the aquifer can support a 10,000 gpm demand. It would be unusual

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