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Are the users on English Football Section somewhat hypocritical about racism?

When an unpopular user makes a question that might be seen as racism, you all seem to go into a frenzy having a go telling them what scum they are. However, when the Suarez incident came out, most of you could not understand that referring to a guys colour on a football pitch at random is, at best, mildly retarded.

Also, some random users have posted racist Q's and the same users have gone along with it. When a racist/xenophobic answer comes along here, well, the mass thumbs up must come from somewhere...

Are the English Football Section users a tad hypocritical about racism?

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    I'm struggling to understand how this guy got 7 TU's for being a racist prick

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    There are certain users on here who would defend their club/players blindly and deny any wrong doing including racism, simply because its the club they support - they are fools

    There has been blatant racism on here for some time, and a lot of it from what I can tell involves non English users. There are English users on here who are racist.

    Anyone who TU's that Balloteli character and others like him need their heads testing.

    If Suarez did say that .. then its racist and very racist.. I've known a lot of south american .. spanish speakers.. and negrito is a racist term.

    What colour has to do with football let alone anything else, it baffles me.

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    Yep, the truth is that most PEOPLE are hypocritical about racism. Like the people who insist on saying "I'm not racist, I have loads of black friends!" When I hear that, my immediate thoughts are that that person hasn't a clue what the word really means. They really think that if they don't go around referring to black people as 'black bastar*s', that means they are not racist. Fact is, we are all, almost without exception, racist, and that includes black, brown, yellow or pink with purple spots people. Racism stems from the same emotions that binds us to and makes us loyal to our school, team, village, town or country. Those that we castigate as racists are the ones who PRACTISE, and display their racism and are go out of their way to hate and physically or emotionally hurt the objects of their racism. So to answer your question directly, yes, there is more than the usual hypocrisy here. All except for me, because I'm not hypocritical at all, and I'm a really, really nice and good person. Trust me.

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    Dont get me started abou the suarez case, for me the user tOuz delt with it awfuly with Q's ans A's she came out with. For me the only users who actually spoke sense were special Juan and Sue.

    Also, what annoyes me is that Despite people thhumbing Hassan for racism( and rightly so) They thumb up Jordi's account Mario balotelli with a monkey as the avatar, which is kind of confusing if you ask me.

    But for me, if your racist or think the comment has racial intent, don't post it becuae Racism is not tollerated here, in England

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  • 9 years ago

    the barriers between racist and not racist is close and unclear if not thoroughly thought through

    but i think that we as people should take a strong opposition to racism in order to discourage it

    but i do feel sorry for the abuse that a person will receive if their point is misinterpreted

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    Racism is the misunderstood topic on earth.

    People are racist towards each and towards whites aswell etc.

  • 4 years ago

    Yeah I leave out CFC Carefree and Deano FQ- no longer definite fairly i have been pondering that it might be a obstacle if when Alex and Lampard come again we're nonetheless enjoying as unhealthy as we are.

  • 9 years ago

    You're questions are actually the worst questions on this section.

    Please stop coming on to the English Football Section with your idiotic input.

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    9 years ago

    People are hypocrites

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    NO ...

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