A couple of questions about weed?

Firstly, me and my mate are buying an 8bit tomorrow for £20. We did the samething last month, but we smoked it within 1 week and I want it to last for a month. Will we get as stoned by sharing, lets say 2 joints between us with an hour gap between, because last time we had one each with an hour between and we were mashed. We can only smoke on weekends, as we have college. How many joints should we smoke and for it to last 4 weeks.

Secondly, (and more importantly) what should we do when we are stoned! We usually go back to my place and play video games or watch wierd youtube videos or sometimes we go and play snooker. But what is the best way to spend your time doing, because I know the first 20 minutes are the most intence!

We live in a small town, with a beach, arcade, a small downtown and loads of fields, BUT its really cold and dark past 7pm.

Thank you in advance!

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    9 years ago
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    Firstly, if you want an 8bit to last a month you cant smoke joints you gotta smoke bowls, but usually i smoke an 8bit in one sitting, idk maybe just me. and no you wont get as stoned by sharing because your getting less of the tetrahydrocannabinol, THC.

    Secondly, my favorite thing to do when im high is go for a walk, maybe on the beach? but when you do this make sure you are enjoying everything around you,isn'tt that why you smoked in the first place to enjoy life a bit more. Going to the arcade seems like it would be fun if its really bright andpsychedelicc, it would be a fun time, try having competitions with the games. And if you enjoy outdoor sports, getting high first just intensifies theexperiencee. Try playing paintball or airsoft in those feilds when you are stoned it feels like you are in a video game lol. Also try doing something you already enjoy when you are sober then do it while you are stoned it will be that much better.

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