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Healthy ways to strip dark brown from the ends of your hair?

3 years ago I started using 'sun-in' on my medium blonde hair, then I decided to dye brown on top which made all my hair go very dark (almost black) its been growing out for the past 2 years so now only the ends of my hair are brown, and the rest is an auburn-ginger colour. I've used 2 lots of colour b4 which has made a slight different's (only at the front), and I'm soooo desperate to be a medium/dark blonde now! What's the best advice to be blonde again?

Thank you!!

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    Tide laundry detergent will take ALL of the dye out of your hair and make it natural.

    use a large jug of water mixed with the detergent and pour it over your head a few times.

    This will however strip the moisture from your hair so I would add lots of moisture back into your hair-

    use avocados or store bought hair masks- smear whatever u use through your hair and let it sit for 15 minutes wrapped in a towel and then rinse it out.

    good luck!! I did the EXACT same thing that you did!!


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