how do I apply for fresh and easy?

I went before in person they told me its online. So I there is one opening up in Costa Mesa on Newport and Gisler in California.I type that in on location and it cannot be found and I search on Advance search I find the location and all that but when I search for job opening it said it cannot be found? Why is the site doing this when the store hasn't been open yet? Can someone help me get a job?

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  • 9 years ago
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  • 5 years ago

    Go in person. Making use of on-line is a waste of time gown well, wash your auto, and ask a cashier for an applicaton. Fill it out within the spot - at a desk someplace. Be ready with your whole papers. If you end up done, ask the cashier for those who could flip it in to the supervisor. Tell him how a lot you love the shop, how responsible you'll be and how tough you are going to work for him/her. Promote yourself and get the job for those who relatively want it. /

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