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[GIRLS ONLY] I discharge a lot?

Okay girls, so i'm twelve :3

-Everyday when I want to use the bathroom or shower, I see a silky white sticky 'substance' in my underwear. >.<

It's discharge, I know it, but I don't know why....? NO, I don't get horny -_-'. Very often said when I tell my friends -.- .. But can someone PLEASEE tell me why it's happening a lot lately? Thanks! [: ♥

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    Hey! so im 15 and I was wondering the same thing when I was your age. It is totally normal and you will still have it when you start your period because honestly it's just your vaginas way of cleaning itself out. The only reason that you would have to worry about discharge is if it is like really dark yellow (light yellow is fine) or even a green! Then this could be an infection. A odor is expected, but if it is really really strong then this could be an infection too. I hope this helped answer any questions you had.

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    Silky white discharge is usually a sign of your upcoming period. Although, don't get your hopes up for it, I have had discharge for almost 3 years, and JUST started my period. :) Congrats, you're about to be a woman!

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    Discharge is just what your vagina uses to clean itself dont worry! If its increased lately you ccould be due to start your period.

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