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I want to get another piercing. Your opinion?

Hello! Ok, so im headed to Florida on vacation in April, and I want to get another piercing before I go. I already have two sets of holes in my ears. I have the normal pair of ear lobe piercings, and i have them stretched to a 14G. I change them out quite a bit, and usually wear unique plastic gauges, or elegant glass gauges in them. I have a second set of earlobe piercings (above the standard ones) and I keep them at 20s or whatever the average piercing size it. I rarely ever change them out, and Ill usually wear a small colorful stud, or a plain metal stud. Now, I want to get one more piercing, but Im not sure where. Not the face or body, only on the ears. Im thinking either a 3rd set of holes in my lobes, a single cartilage piercing, or an industrial piercing. Im personally leaning towards an industrial, but I figured ill get the communities advice. :) The link below is to a picture of my ears right now.

(Note, My top piercing is not infected, I was just pulling on it earlier ^_^)



Also! I know the effects of piercing cartilage, and I'm fine with it. I take good care of my piercings, and I've talked to my parents about this before and they're OK with it.

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    I just got my cartilage pierced and I'm about to get my bellybutton and an industrial one too! I suggest you either get both your cartilage pierced or an industrial!! :D

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    Industrial all the way

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