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i cant find any retro stylish cheap furniture!?

i'm cleaning out my summer house in the summer holidays and want to turn it into a place for me and my mates to hang out and i cant find any decent furniture not expensive but not tacky , i want it to be kinda retro stylish furniture for teens!

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    Cruise weekend jumble sales and estate sales. Look in council and thrift shops. With a coat of paint and some jazzy fabric (you can wrap and staple it around chair cushions and pillows) you can update a lot of sad-looking furnishings,

    Can't tell where you live, but here in the USA we have Craigslist (Kijiji in Canada) where people sell used items cheap. I've gotten some great stuff on Craigslist. Also look around for shops that sell used office furniture. You can get great retro modern sofas, tables and lamps from such places for good prices.

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    9 years ago

    Watching programs about brits on holiday in kavos and other cheap holidays actually makes me ashamed to be british

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    Have you looked (or posted) on craigslist? Have you looked on ebay? I don't know what area you live in so you're going to have to search online---I've seen some great furniture.

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