Girls: if you have a boyfriend but have an attractive guy-friend you talk to.?

You know an attractive guy that you talk to only at the bus... You only talk to him there though and you really enjoy talking to him. But your boyfriend does not know about him. And lets say that the attractive guy knows about your boyfriend but he keeps it friendly and does not flirt with you out of respect.

This guy is a genuinely nice guy and you can tell he is very respectful and what not.

Now lets say you are talking to him and he brings up your boyfriend..but not in a bad way. Lets say he just suggest a nice place for you to go out with your boyfriend.

Example: "Hey i know of a good pizza place, you and your boyfriend should try it out, i think you guys will like it"

What would you think? you have a little crush on this guy but you have a boyfriend. would you think that the guy has no interest in you because he is trying to have you spend time with your boyfriend? or would you think he is just being a nice guy?

and would you get a little angry that he said that?

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  • 9 years ago
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    I honestly can't imagine having even a tiny crush on another guy. I know full well that no other man could possibly live up to the standard my boyfriend has set. But it sounds like he's just being nice. He not be flirting just to be respectful but because he's not interested. If you're in a relationship honor it.

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