Any ideas to help improve my ski lessons?

I've been a ski instructor for 5 years now and I'm finding that it's becoming harder to come up with new, fun ideas to use with the kids. I ask to teach younger kids so ages range from about 5-7. I would really like to integrate an incentive program into my multi week lessons. I was thinking stickers or something (can't do anything involving candy because of allergies). If anyone has an idea I would really appreciate it! Thank you!

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  • Andy
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    9 years ago
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    I'm probably the worst person to be answering this because my whole life I've gone to amazing lengths to avoid little kids especially group lessen but 3yrs ago I worked race camps with some k's and j's and the one thing that I did to keep them interested was I "awarded" one kid the privilege of filming the session. That student got to wear a cam on his/her googles and hold a camcorder at the bottom of the run. That student also had the privilege of hosting the video on his/her facebook and or youtube page. Those kids would have raced through tree trunks just to be able to film their buddies. PS; God bless you for having the patience to pull little monsters around on the end of your poles, letting them stand on your skis getting on and off the lift, the crying because little Mary refuses to go around Johnny during the human slalom and all the "poopy-face" name calling....I'm having flashback terrors just thinking about it.

  • Jim W
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    9 years ago

    The CSIA has a very fine training program for instructors that includes teaching children. In PSIA there is a couple of programs that are directed to teaching children. Also some fine books such as Capt Zembo guide and the ACE criteria. A quick word of advice is Never Show Anyone your whole bag of tricks. Can your students ski switch? Start from a herringbone and work some turns backwards. Rhythm changes and pole touch are also helpful. Spins on the snow teach balance and steering. Teach fun and they will learn to ski better. So much of teaching skiing is as much an art as a science that every class is different and strive for fun is the best way.

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