I don't understand boys!?

So, I'm in grade 7, and a couple of boys have asked me out. I don't want to date until grade 8 or 9 though, because I think maybe everyone will be a little more mature and, at this point, I'm going through a lot of "girl drama" with my friends. I like some boys in my class... Like mini crushes but, I don't want to date. I'm 13 in February. I have a "guy friend" that I hang out with all the time, Keegan. We dated at one point, but decided it wasn't working. Please don't criticize my age and how I shouldn't be dating. That's why I want to wait awhile because, I know it's ridiculous. Like,what are we going to do? Hold hands? Slow dance? Back to Keegan. I dumped him. We tell each other everything though, and I trust him completely. He trusts me too. I know who he likes. I told him I kind of liked a boy in my class, Ostin, and he got all jealous. A couple days later, he told me that Ostin told him that I "Always flirt with him, it's really annoying and he doesn't even like me." I don't flirt with him. I don't even really talk to him. Everyone likes him though. He's cute and funny. So, yes... Mini crush. That's it. Keegan told me he said that. It was a month or two ago. Then, last night, Bronson, his brother (he's a year younger than his bro) said that Ostin wanted to know if I would go out with him. I just said that I didn't really know. I wasn't sure that Ostin really said that. Later, I asked why he would want to date me. (I used to be part of the popular group but, I angered the 'Queen Bee' and she turned everyone against me and kicked me out of the group. I sit with one friend because all of the rest of my friends are in the other class) Bronson replied with "I was just kidding, he never said that. I don't know if he likes you or not." So, now I'm confused. Do you think Ostin just wanted to know whether or not I like him? I talk to Bronson on Facebook all the time (which is where this conversation occurred) Bronson is my age, in my grade, but Ostin is in my grade too b/c he started late or something. I don't hang with Bronson though, only chat to him on Facebook. So, I'm confused. Also, what do I do if someone I like asks me out and I don't want to date until next year but, don't want to turn him down because he will think I don't like him? I AM SO CONFUSED!!! Thanks for your help in advance :)


Bronson is Ostin's brother.

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  • 9 years ago

    It sounds as if Keegan lied out of jealousy - no offence to your friend, he probably just has a little bit of a thing for you - around your age he's likely to considering you two sound quite close, He probably lied because guys are never really that harsh when they say they don't like a girl. As for Bronson, is he Keegan's brother or Ostin's?

    EDIT If you aren't interested in romance now then it shouldn't really be too much of a problem, you could just wait and see and if he shows interest himself then you can decide whether you're actually interested in him or not.

  • 9 years ago

    hi there first of all let me applaud you for having the maturity at age 13 to make the decision you made about dating. it's nice to see that someone is growing up with those kind of standards for themselves. I think you should maybe consider being friends with whom ever it is you like.try to continue your friendship with keegan i know it's really hard to come right out and ask but you may want to try and ask the guy you like if he would like to be friends.all he can say is yes or no and you never know the answer until you ask. If he says no then just ask him if you all can still be friends. As far as the other girls doing that to you try to look at it like if they were real true friends they wouldn't have treated you like that.that was immaturity on their part. try to make friends with other people who will be real friends.

    i think that as far as going out with them you need to tell them you don't date right now. good luck

  • Laredo
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    9 years ago

    Dear one, you are not 13, YOU ARE STILL 12 YEARS OLD. That is too young to even be thinking about dating; so is 13, 14, and for some 15. Little boys asking little girls out usually produces embarrassing results....they expect you to do things that no kid should be doing. Don't follow the crowd just so you can THINK you are popular, it's not worth it.

  • 4 years ago

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  • b0b
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    9 years ago

    boys don't understand boys

    boys don't understand girls even more so

    boys are brief, to the point, don't like long winded things; they like girls but their instincts are far more up front, they are hormone driven towards s*x asap (in general)

    if it gets immensely complicated, they give up and look elsewhere, or go for a beer with their mates, it's easier!

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