Ebay & UPS refund problem?

i sold headphones to a guy in houston, and i know i shipped to the right address. But i sent it through UPS and they sent it to a different address and then sent it to the right one. so the guy recieved the package 2 weeks after the payment date instead of 7 days after because of UPS. Now as a seller my return policy was "refundable until 7 days after payment." which was on the 12th but he barely recieved it yesterday.

So should i refund his money as he request is even though it wasnt my fault?( i have proof of printed out correct address and tracking number of it being delivered on the 17th - 5 days after purchase.)

Or should i just not refund his money because it wasnt my fault even if theres nothing broken or wrong with the headphones, and its too late after the return policy date?

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  • 9 years ago

    I sell on eBay so perhaps I can help.

    You state that your refund policy is "refundable until 7 days after payment". Is this correct? If so, then the buyer has only 7 days available for a refund once they pay? So if the package needs to go cross-country (which can take 7 days or more), it's possible that they can't get a refund at all, correct?

    Personally, I'd issue the refund. Yes, I understand that UPS mis-delivered it, but don't forget that it's still the SELLER'S responsibility for the package to arrive.

    You also failed to mention WHY the buyer wants to return them. If it's for a reason that would legitimately allow the buyer to open a case against you, then you may not really have a choice regarding issuing a refund.

    I'd play it safe, fall on your sword, and issue the refund.

    Hope this helps.

    Source(s): Me...I've been a seller on eBay for WELL over 10 years
  • 9 years ago

    In my opinion, if I dont do anything wrong, I will not say sorry.

    That means, If you did ship to the right address, the package was shipped without delaying, have tracking number, updated that tracking on eBay & Paypal, communicate with buyer nicely (even I know buyer is nasty sometimes, but you must keep calm). Remember to keep all receipts with you, if you lost your UPS receipt, call them for a copy.

    Your job is done as a seller. Let buyer open a case if he / she wants. Because the delivered item is showed on eBay record, buyer cant say he didnt get it.

    And the UPS receipt helps you prove that you shipped it to right address.

    ****In my case, I even had signature confirmation, but buyer lied.

    He had some body signed on it & said I didnt ship to the right address. He asked for refund.

    ... Finally, things go around, you know what happen?

    I recognized, on the proof of delivery which I got from USPS, the SIGNATURE of recipient was not on his name. But the ADDRESS of recipient was on his name.

    I showed that to him.

    So he admitted that he got the package, but said, the USPS carrier signed on his package.

    Do you think the USPS carrier, signed, got his package & then returned him?????

    That is NO WAY.

    Only this buyer lied, he thought he both get items & refund.

    The kind of cheating like this should not happen. Why seller must lose time, shipping fee for buyer's games???

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