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Who creates more CO2 the man or the women lol?

Lmao thought it would be a funny question. Obviouslt women talk alot more than men so theres more CO2 and also like when ya go round a house and they have the heating blasting theres always a women complaining its cold and a man being kuntucky fried roasted lol anymore ??


yes i meant obviously not Obviouslt before any of you spelling boffins (BOOOOOO) come along

Update 2:

Women play sports too

Update 3:

also women buy much more furniture and cosmetics which means more trees getting cut down ect.

Update 4:

lol me and me misses had a couple of hours discussion about this we still even lmao

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    Men would create more CO2 due to their bigger size, higher caloric needs and larger muscle mass. So... men eat more to create more energy. Once that energy fuel is used up the by-product is CO2. At the capillary/cellular level this CO2 attaches itself to to the concave red blood cells (O2 is on the other side) and is expelled thru the lungs.

    One question though... what do trees, cosmetics and buying furniture have to do with the human body releasing CO2 as a waste product?

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Men, because many of us play sports which makes us have to breathe alot faster.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Men O.o

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