Trying to sew through elastic?

I am trying to sew a headband and to attach the elastic portion at the back requires sewing through the elastic. I am using woven elastic which I have read that you should be able to sew through.The problem is that it will sew through, but the stitches are so loose and looped up on the back and they just pull right out. I have it on the tension setting for the thickest fabric since that is the only way it will feed though without jamming. Do I need a different elastic? Different machine setting?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Sounds like the tension is wrong. You do that when you are basting or gathering so you can pull the thread out after you stitch it down the way you want it. I keep the tension at a normal setting when I'm sewing through elastic and use pins or stitch the end down, then stretch the elastic tight as I'm sewing through it. This way it will have it's stretch after it's sewn. If you sew it unstretched, it won't be able to stretch or will break the threads when you try to.

    The other option which may be easier for you is to use bias tape underneath and thread the elastic through, then sew down the ends. Sewing the bias tape on long ways makes a pocket or canal/tunnel for the elastic to sit in. Sewing the ends down hold the elastic in place and has a nice finished look on the underside as well.

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    while you're utilising a house stitching device, this is probablly not geared up to tug the cloth by. attempt elevating the feed canines up so it may grab the cloth greater perfect to get you purchase. additionally, attempt adjusting the presser bar spring so this is greater impregnable. while you're stitching the elastic in a around action, you particularly go with rollers to observe the elastic

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