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Why is my pitbull puppy breathing really fast?

I just got my puppy a few hours ago. He sniffed around explored and met my other pets. Then he got tired and is now sleeping next to me. He is breathing really fast and its freaking me out. I googled it and some people said it was normal, but i am worried and the closest vet is kinda far from my house. Should I be worried?

if it matters he is a pitbull mix, gonna be three months old on feb. 3, not neutered, seems relatively healthy, and he is rather fat.

help please i just want him to be ok. thanks (:


he woke up and jumped off the sofa. he fell asleep on the cool tile floor and i cannot hear his breathing much anymore. he seems alright maybe its just a little stress and excitement from his first day in a new home like you guys said. thanks (:

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    When i first got my dog, he was breathing really fast too, it stopped after he wasn't a puppy anymore and when he got used to my house, if it continues see a vet

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    He may be dreaming.

    Some dogs breath at a rapid rate, pant, bark or even move around in their sleep.

    If he does this only when he's sleep and not constantly but for short periods, he's fine, don't worry about it, unless it's excessive or so nosy you can't sleep.

    If you're really concerned, take the dog to the Vet, that will eliminate all of your worries.

  • Jesse
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    9 years ago

    Excitement/anxiety/stress. If this continues on a regular basis I advise a vet check.

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