UK Student wants to study in the US?

I am studying Computing/Computer Science. I was very intrigued about my university's study abroad programme, I know that I want to study in the USA. My question: which instituition would you guys choose based on what I say below:

There are 5 instituitions that offer places.

California State University, Humboldt

California State University, San Marcos

Central Connecticut State University

Plattsburgh State University, New York State

University of Central Missouri

University of Kentucky

I am leaning towards the San Marcos University for obvious or cliche reasons when one thinks of California. My second choice would be Humboldt. My mind is almost made up but I would like to know what its like to study in those areas and what would you guys choose and why? I want the best experience possible as I'm gonna be there for a while: obviously the level of education in said course, to see places like LA, SF, I would love to see the Grand Canyon in the neighbouring state, beaches, people. I also love skateboarding, been doing it for a long time and I'm guessing San Marco's would be more optimal for that.

Help appreciated.

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  • drip
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    9 years ago
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    UK is in a beautiful area of Kentucky. and a great school. there is a lot of great things to see and visit on that side of the US.

    International students only seem to think of LA and NYC.

  • bury
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    4 years ago

    interior the united kingdom, drugs isn't a postgraduate degree, you do not go with a bachelors. so which you do not could take pre-med classes, you would be conscious top faraway from the age of 18. As a foreign places pupil, you will could pay countless money to earnings interior the united kingdom. drugs is a 5 365 days direction and you gets no monetary help. we are conversing a minimum of $222,000 for training expenses on my own. Plus it relatively is going to likely be exceedingly not consumer-friendly which you will get in as you would be competing for a constrained form of international places against each applicant from all international huge. in case you like a acceptable, historic campus, Oxford and Cambridge are the plain alternatives. Bristol, Edinburgh and York might additionally be severe up on the record nevertheless.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    The one is California, more to see and do plus the weather is great. In other university there in boring places like the in new York state probably far away from the city.

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