What is the story of the markers in Dead Space?

I know that there first was a black one, then a red one, then a yellow one I believe? I read the book Dead Space: Martyr but I would like to know how the red marker got to aegis and stuff like that.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Yes, the markers were engaged by some enemies and taken away...

    Good luck!

  • mccall
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    4 years ago

    Issac is in basic terms approximately soreness from dementia (and nichole - his woman chum - is an hallucination, as she died in the past than he won to the Ishimura in the 1st pastime), the marker does infect him mentally besides the easy actuality that i does not say its an outbreak. It communicates with human beings in some way that it tells them what to do. in the wide-unfold pastime he is going to the grant, and accepts the undertaking, questioning the actual incontrovertible fact that his woman chum, nichole, replaced into as rapidly as engaged on-board the USG Ishimura and he hopes to discover her - He additionally works on an emergency reaction unit with reference to the USG Kellion. he's experiencing the necromorph outbreak and that may no longer questioning the actual incontrovertible fact that he's insane. think of of of it this manner. in the wide-unfold pastime, on the initiate up, he's no longer insane - and yet he's suffering with necromorphs, in basic terms so they might choose to be particularly. the least complicated factor he's hallucinating is Nichole, she is what the marker is speaking to him.

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