are relationships based on exchanges and benefits only?

this might sound silly, but people seems to be interested in my family b/c they are all successful more than they are interested in me, i like to have a simple life and im not all that achieving in my life, so after awhile the guy looks more interested in my family and sisters rather than me. are all relationships like this


for shy guy its a small town where i live and everybody knows everybody, so how can i know if someone is genuinely interested in my life and me

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    You are not even supposed to be introducing a boyfriend to your family (or talking about their "success") until you have been dating 6 months with no red flags. You are likely moving too fast.

    When you do introduce them, if he asks about them, tell him that you and your family lead pretty separate lives. However, he should really have no interest in them or their success if you have been a girlfriend who is honest, affectionate, positive and loyal.

  • Dee
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    Not really? If you are attracting a certain type of person regularly, then you might be hanging on to "make believe" friends. By which I mean, is if their interest lies in only who owns what, what does this one do for a living, how much does this one earn?, then you are wasting your time on a group of self serving, intrusive, nosy bodies that are with you for their own opportunistic self interest. A REAL friend likes you for all you are and accepts you as is! A fantasizing, opportunist is there simply for their self gain and then go away if they don't get what their after! Hence, not a "friend" at all to you or anybody else. Just surround yourself with people that really like you for you. Because, Heaven forbid, if one of your family loses any of the "goodies", you won't have them anymore anyway. So, be good to yourself nd never tell anyone what you have. Then the right people will come your way. Good luck, make nice friends, best

  • Bravo
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    9 years ago

    no, you will find the right person! Relationships are built/based on Trust! If you don't have a trusting relationship, it will fail.

  • Rachel
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    9 years ago

    No. If and when you find the right man, he'll be there solely for you.

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