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Would you adopt this FEMALE cat?

Ok this cat is BEAUTIFUL, she has black, white, grey striped going down her back. And all the way from her chin to her stomach is all white. She is 8 or 9 years old. She is SUPER friendly and can make an awesome companion. But you have to feed her the right thing, or else she will throw up. She likes to lick too, which can get annoying sometimes... Her name is Frankie and she is terrified of outside, so she only stays indoors. But everyone says she is a very very pretty cat, like she could go for show. She also dosent like boys though... She likes girls and company and old men. Not like 10 year old boys. But sadly we don't have her anymore :( but I was wondering, of she was up for adoption would you adopt her? And how would you treat her?

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    4 years ago

    it fairly is fairly attainable, yet i think of it has greater to do with the character of the cat, incredibly than the gender. If the cat you have already got likes different animals, than you have a plenty greater suitable threat of her getting alongside with a clean cat you usher in. some cats love having a playmate, on an identical time as others could completely prefer to be the only "baby", which you would be able to talk. Off the suggestions-blowing of my head, i don't have faith there is easily a thank you to work out if your cat likes different cats without easily getting a clean cat. while finding out on out a clean cat on the safeguard, look in any respect the information enjoying cards for each cat. they'll say if the animal in question likes different animals. it fairly is the main crucial ingredient because it fairly does not be honest to your latest cat in case you delivered domicile a cat that did no longer like different cats. some shelters can actually have a communal cat room. If its been favourite that the cat likes different cats, and is healthful, they'll placed them at the same time in one great room to stay, incredibly than an enclosure. for persons finding for extra cats, it fairly is the 1st place to look at a safeguard. ultimately, the two circumstances I observed, i became into bringing domicile a clean cat to stay with one I already had. tell the safeguard human beings this and that they could provide you all forms of information with regard to the wonderful thank you to introduce the cats to a minimum of one yet another. All cats are distinctive, yet commonly, they could be separeted for a time till now they the two have the run of the domicile at the same time.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    of course someone would adopt her! (: some people like me, i LOVE when my cats lick me i feel like theyre kissing my hand(: and i dont let my cats outside at all. someone would love her and definitely treat her great

  • 9 years ago

    i would deffo adopt her...she sounds like a sweet and unique cat. too bad i have a young sure some one will adopt her she seems lovely

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