WHY do some people not break the rules for the community guidelines (yahoo answers)?

do they just WANT to have there points taken away...

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  • Gone
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    9 years ago
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    well this question makes no sense you should proofread it but the fact is points haven't been lost for violating the guidelines in over a year, as long as they don't appeal and lose, no points are ever deducted for violations.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Your question is sarcastic, obviously. A VERY few people actually take the time to READ the terms of service and user agreement/community guidelines when they sign up with something online. They also actually UNDERSTAND those LEGAL CONTRACTS BEFORE they agree to follow them.

    Narcissistic trolls have to challenge EVERY ONE ALL BULLIES ARE AFRAID of other people and they usually are very jealous as well. They feed their egos on how people react and the individual attention that other people will give them.

    I follow the community guidelines MOST of the time, and the times that I do NOT follow the Community guidelines, as long as I tell Customer Service that I am fully aware that I violated the guidelines in my answer, Customer Care almost ALWAYS restore my answer, because I was JUSTIFIED by being provoked, INTENTIONALLY, by a cyber-bully into violating the Community guidelines.

    BTW, having 10 points taken away for every violation that is not successfully appealed HAS NEVER BEEN DONE on Yahoo. The most points I have EVER had taken away was TWO POINTS for an answer that I did not successfully appeal. IF you have you have read the NEWEST version of the Community Guidelines, which was shortened drastically and was posted last June or July, NOWHERE does it say how many points will be deducted from your score if you do not win an appeal.





    http://samvak.tripod.com/journal86.html i t's Friday - I'm expecting some narcissistic rages on YA. this weekend. I'm RELISHING the prospect of reporting those rages to abuse team 6



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