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My one year old has light pink spot on cheek?

My son has a round light pink almost the color of his skin spot on his cheek its a little dry. He has little pimples on it but their really small can someone help

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    bug bite? spider bite? scratch? I'd just leave it alone and if it get worse have it checked out.

    Try some antiseptic cream like neosporen

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    Does he drool when he sleeps?? Because that can cause what you are describing, its probably an infecction.

    I would suggest you put a little more cream on than the usual, however this does not always work, if it doesnt help I suggest you go see a doctor he will probably give you a special cream. Hope it helped!

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    No i think it sounds fine :) I'm 14 and i wear concealer , foundation , blusher and mascara but some of the year 7's and 8's at my school wear more than me and they just look stupid. Most of the girls in my year wear false eyelashes and loads of foundation and bright pink lipstick so honestley your make-up sounds really pretty :) hop i helped x

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