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Been trying to conceive for four months, could I be pregnant?

Me and my husband have been TTC for a few months now. We miscarried in September at eight weeks and were devastated. We decided to start trying again when the doctor gave mt the go ahead. My first pregnancy (which resulted in the miscarriage) resulted in barely a month of trying. Now it's been almost four cycles and nothing yet... I had some pretty intense bleeding all of September. I had three "periods" which y OBGYN said was just my body trying to adjust after the loss. Now, I'm three days late, have felt very subtle cramps every now and again. No bleeding, but a consistent discharge that is by no means foul smelling. My breasts feel heavy and sore at times, and I just feel crampy and bloated. Mild headaches, breaking out slightly. Super bad nauseous and queasiness and extreme fatigue. I can barely tolerate certain smells at my work. I really want this to be early pregnancy symptoms, but they sound very similar to PMS... I don't want to take a test yet because I'm too afraid it will be a negative result, someone help please! Thank you so much for all your support.


Thank you guys, I really appreciate your kind words and support... think me and my hubby are just gunna go pick one up now and hope for the best... it woud be positive by now no doubt. Thanks!

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    Take a test, I took a test today and it was positive and was only 2 days late for my period and had all the same symptoms you've just described.

    Good luck :D

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    Sorry for your loss. I would just go ahead and take the test. either way your gonna find out sooner who later rather or not your pregnant. Wish you best of luck and baby dust to you.

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