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why didnt black people move to europe around the fall of the roman empire?

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    Several reasons ---

    1. Why would they want to move to Europe in the first place?

    2. Most Africans of dark skin lived no where near Europe, the Middle East, or the Mediterranean Sea -- most knew nothing of Europe and many knew nothing of North Africans or Middle Easterners.

    3. Many Africans of black skin knew nothing of the Romans or their empire.

    4. 99% of Africans of black skin had never seen an African of white skin, let alone a MIddle Easterner or European.

    5. Many had never heard of such a creature as a white skinned person.

    6. There were no trade or ship routes around east, south, or west Africa.

    7. Africa is extremely large -- traveling across the savannas, the jungles, the deserts, the Sahara, the Atlas Mountains, to name a few traveling hazards -- would be damned near impossible, let alone totally meaningless.

    8. A white or olive skinned North Africa would seem as foreign a world as most black skin Africans would ever care to see --- Europe and the MIddle East would be irrelevant.

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    the only black community near the Roman Empire were the black Numidian tribes which lived in present day Tunisia, Algeria and Libya. they had their own problems because the Vandal tribes were moving into their lands (via Spain). The black tribes survived well and allied themselves with the Vandals, both becoming subjects of the Byzantine Empire (which was really a version of the Roman Empire).

    The black Numidians (and their Vandal allies) were exterminated by the muslim invaders around 700 AD- they stopped the muslim invasion for some 20 years- which is much longer than the Christian Byzantine Egypt managed to do

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    Because between Black Africa and Caucasian North Africa there is a little thing called the Sahara Desert in the way.

    Most sub-Saharan Africans did not have the need, nor the desire to move to Europe.

    @ Bilbo - the moors were berber, not black.

    Source(s): Look at a map
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    No transport. Moors did move to Spain but a bit later. Africa was still extemely primitive in the first millenium - they would not even know white people existed in most areas.

    @ Freddie - that's no doubt why they were called Blackamoors,

    Next you'll be telling me there's no such thing as the Mahgreb.

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    I don't think Europeans would have been as accommodating as they are now. There were a few blacks in Europe, but they were slaves of the Roman empire.

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    transportation and they usually moved as a village and depended on the village leader to tell them where to move to. so their habits and customs kept them in Africa.

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