Question about BIOS flashing pls help?

So I saw this video:

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It made me realise how easy it is to update bios using ez flash 2 and I will have to do it since my bios version is ancient and I am having some ram compatibility issues and some stability issues as well. (my motherboard is an Asus Sabertooth X58) Just a couple of things I wanted to ask before I do it cuz I know that it could completely mess up if sth goes wrong.

Should I disconnect any other usb devices during the flash like an external HDD?

I should format my usb (16 gb) into FAT32 right?

Do I need to unzip the zip file I dl-ed from asus site and then put it on the usb or just put the zip file?

I read something about correctly naming the update file on the usb or else it wont show up like max 8 characters or sth so waht should I name it???

Is there still something this video forgot to mention?

I heard that I should do a clear CMOS or a CPR (cpu parameter recall) after the flash? which one if any?

Finally, is there anything I can do to fix it IF sth does go wrong? Is it only the motherboard thats gonna be trashed or my whole computer? I heard that the BIOS chip can be removed from the mobo so theoratically if I change the bios chip it should fix it?? Can i do that at all?

Thanks for the help.

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    9 years ago
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    It very simple, these days to update the BIOS. click on the link below, then first download the BIOS Utility then download the latest BIOS, install the BIOS utility and point it to the new BIOS (where you saved it), it'll automatically saves the old BIOS then flashes the new BIOS. Once finished, restart your computer. Done!

    Before you flash the BIOS, close all the programs.

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